Danish Construction Law Firm Molt Wengel Selects TIQ Time to Improve Time Recording

Publicaciones del blog - 27 mayo 2021

Molt Wengel, the largest provider of specialist legal advice to the Danish construction industry, has selected TIQ Time as its time tracking software. TIQ Time is rolled out to the more than 50 legal specialists at the firm with a view of improving time tracking hygiene. - TIQ is pleased to announce that leading Danish construction law firm Molt Wengel implemented TIQ’s time capture software. Molt Wengel selected TIQ Time to address time tracking accuracy within the firm and to make the process of tracking time easier for its lawyers.

“TIQ has made a significant improvement for the lawyers in their time tracking. One nuisance for our lawyers was to think back to all the small activities, like responding to an email in between the larger tasks. TIQ Time automatically captures those activities, such as sending an email or working on a document. The biggest benefit we’ve noticed is that the lawyers can review and approve all their time entries at the end of the day in a user friendly and modern interface, specifically designed for legal professionals.” - Kristoffer Giro, IT and Administrative Support Officer at Molt Wengel.

TIQ Time integrates with the existing software in law firms to automatically capture time. When lawyers spend time drafting documents in word processors, sending emails, or attending meetings, TIQ generates time entries for those activities. Lawyers then open the application to approve, amend, or reject the time entries generated for them. This works to both improve the accuracy of time entries and reduce the time spent creating them.

“When choosing software, we always consider the user-friendliness of the software and we look for solutions that are the best-of-breed. We also pride ourselves on being first movers. Implementing TIQ Time makes sense on the basis of our criteria.” - Kristoffer Giro, IT and Administrative Support Officer at Molt Wengel.
“It is fantastic to see that the lawyers at Molt Wengel are benefitting from our software. TIQ Time is designed to perform as a specialty legal solution that streamlines and simplifies the process of tracking time. We are delighted to hear the lawyers at Molt Wengel are choosing TIQ Time over their former time tracking software. It demonstrates to us that we’re developing the software to be user-friendly and to deliver real time savings. Molt Wengel's onboarding fits perfectly with the current developments in the Nordics and is a good example of our increasing growth in the region.” - Nick Schills, Founder and CEO of TIQ Time.

About Molt Wengel
Located in Copenhagen, Molt Wengel is a Danish law firm specialising in national as well as international construction law. As strategic partners to the construction industry, we are dedicated to finding solutions that help our clients avoid deadlocks through dialogue, understanding and progress. Furthermore, we are the largest provider of specialist legal advice to the Danish construction industry. Our team comprises more than 25 legal specialists.

As specialists in construction law, our work starts where clauses and a passion for construction meet to create valuable advising for our clients. Our clients include leading players in the Danish and international construction industries, including contractors, private and public employers, and consultants.

Our experience and expertise have given us a unique and considerable insight into how to avoid, mitigate, and handle challenges in complex construction projects.