Blog post • 28 Sep 2021

TIQ Time to Launch TIQ Insights - On-Demand Visual Reporting for Lawyers

TIQ is thrilled to announce the arrival of TIQ Insights. The feature generates visualisations that reveal deep insights into how lawyers spend their time on an individual level. TIQ Insights are accessible for all current (and future) users of TIQ Time via the Timesheet.

As a best-of-breed technology provider, TIQ is focused on providing users with innovative new and improved features. TIQ Insights will streamline and simplify the process of getting insights into how lawyers are spending their time. The reports generated by TIQ Insights provide lawyers with visibility into the time spent working on different clients, different matters, or different activities for a specific client or specific matter. 

Lawyers can quickly uncover information about the billable and non-billable work undertaken on certain files or for certain clients. These insights provide valuable information about the profitability of specific types of work and/or certain clients.

The easy-to-digest charts provided by TIQ Insights give you visibility into the status of time entries. Lawyers will be able to identify time entries that require attention. These insights help lawyers to ensure individual time tracking habits align with the time tracking requirements of the law firm.

Get Intuitive Access to Deeper Data Insights
Accessing the TIQ Insights is simple and understanding the data insights is straightforward. Simply select a start and end date and which data you would like to display, fetch the data and view intuitive charts. To discover how your law firm could benefit from TIQ Time, book a demo.