A Cloud Solution - hosted on Microsoft Azure

Keeping your data secure is our priority. We use different methods to ensure that your account remains secure at all times and strictly control who has access to your data, both online and internally.

ISO 27001 certified


Our approach to information security

ISO certified

The ISO27001 certification is a global standard that shows an organisation has invested in the people, processes and technology required to protect the data it processes. At TIQ Time, we are proud of the robust processes we have in place for software development and distribution, as well as information handling.

Modern and Scalable solution

TIQ Time is provided from the Microsoft Azure Platform to deliver a modern, scalable, and highly secure cloud solution. Development, maintenance, and updates are all managed by TIQ, giving your firm the opportunity to quickly react and adapt to the demands of your market, clients, and fee-earners. 

Data Centre locations 

The TIQ applications run from TIQ’s multi-tenant environment hosted on the Microsoft Azure data centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with a fallback to Dublin, Ireland.

For additional control, a TIQ Time private-tenant setup can be hosted in the Microsoft Azure data centre of your choice to your firm’s Azure Subscription, or an Azure Subscription managed by TIQ. 

secure setup

Cloud Architecture

Microsoft Azure AD 

TIQ has full support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory, enabling full user provisioning, authentication, and Conditional Access policies managed within your firm’s Azure subscription.

Application-Layer Encryption 

All data processed by the TIQ Time application is encrypted on application level using the AES-256 encryption algorithm. 

Microsoft Authentication 

TIQ supports Microsoft Authenticator for a full authentication flow in our native mobile application (iOS and Android). 

Continues Monitoring

The performance of the application, databases and integrations is carefully monitored by Microsoft Azure Alerts, with a fallback to an external uptime monitoring service. This data is openly available on the TIQ Status page.

Check out status page

API centric approach

TIQ Time operates with a ‘no consultancy’ approach, which has affected a lot of decisions in the product and integration design.

The time to deliver product value to our customers is well below the market average, which we have achieved through a transparent implementation approach using open documented REST API’s and a well-managed feedback loop with our clients.

  • No consultancy approach
  • Open documented REST API’s


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