A new way of tracking time

TIQ Time helps lawyers build a complete and consistent timesheet, helping firms to reduce leakage, increase their bottom-line and optimise insights and transparency in service delivery.

  • "The software is excellent, and the integrations with other systems work very fast and are stable. Overall, the performance is much better than what we had before. Working with TIQ was a very positive experience, and for our firm, it also helped that TIQ is a European-based company."

    Francesc Muñoz
    Chief Information Officer at Cuatrecasas
  • "The project was delivered remotely without any issues. Few firms can provide a transformation like TIQ, this is legal tech at its best! It has been pleasure working with the TIQ team, budget, scope, and time always in focus."

    Jacob Brønnum-Schou
    Head of IT at Kromann Reumert
  • "Time tracking is at the core of the legal business model. You don’t want your lawyers to spend a lot of time tracking their billable hours, you want them to spend it adding value for clients. From the first moment, our lawyers were very engaged with TIQ Time, and understood the value the service would deliver. The fact that TIQ is focused fully on the legal market creates trust and made it a safe choice for our firm."

    Trine Melsether
    Chief Digital Officer at Thommessen
  • "Where did the day go? TIQ Time helps our lawyers to answer that question. Lawyers need to record their activities accurately not only for clients’ sake but also to enable us to improve the alternative fee arrangements we offer. TIQ Time makes time recording almost a pleasure."

    Iikka Sainio
    Counsel and Innovation Manager at Lexia
  • "TIQ’s software will be deployed as an extension to Aderant Expert and iManage Worksite. The goal is to streamline our time to bill process and make it less time consuming."

    Tim van Caeyzeele
    ICT Manager at Claeys & Engels
  • "One of the main drivers to select TIQ's best-of-breed solution was related to the uncomplicated implementation process. TIQ Time was implemented quickly without affecting our existing practice management system. Since then, time tracking has become a lot easier for our fee earners"

    Jan Willamo
    Chief Digital Officer at Roschier
  • "In general, we were looking for a vendor that specifies in timesheets and really nails the ease-of-use. Letting our lawyers use the native ERP timesheet just causes too much frustration, I believe that the ERP system should be used by our finance department and accountants, not by the lawyers."

    Knut Glad
    Managing Partner at Føyen Torkildsen
  • Narrative Builder
  • Integrations
  • Cloud Solution
  • Security
  • Improve Time Entries

    The use of narrative templates, both for captured entries and manual entries, will improve the consistency and quality of the time entries.

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  • Seamless Integrations

    Our software is designed to plug into law firms’ existing software environment seamlessly. We ensure easy onboarding for the users by supporting Single Sign-on via all common Identity Providers.

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  • A flexible Cloud Solution

    TIQ Time delivers a future-proof solution without the need for internal maintenance and development, giving your firm the opportunity to quickly react and adapt to the demands of their market, clients and fee-earners.

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  • Security

    TIQ understands the sensitive data for which its applications are responsible, and ensures this data is protected at every level. TIQ’s hosting provider meets a set of international and industry-specific compliance standard. Furthermore, TIQ has adopted a uniform code of practice for cloud privacy, designed for GDPR compliancy.

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