Automated Time Tracking for Law Firms

TIQ Time helps lawyers build a complete and consistent timesheet, helping firms to reduce leakage, increase their bottom-line and optimise insights and transparency in service delivery.

ISO 27001 certified




Hours Saved

Trusted by leading law firms

Save time and money

Effortless time tracking for legal professionals

Improve time entry quality

Create better time entry data and comply with Outside Counsel Guidelines and internal billing standards.

  • Fewer write offs
  • Faster billing process

Don't miss a minute of your spent time

Suggested time entries help lawyers spend less time on filling out timesheets, increase productivity and reduce the cost of administrative work.

  • Reduce leakage of billable and non-billable time
  • Reduce time spent on time tracking

Optimise insights with powerful reports for lawyers, partners and finance

Powerful reports help lawyers stay on track with targets, or finance to perform completeness checks at the months end.

  • Accessible daily reporting for lawyers
  • Customizable Power BI reports


Instantly deliver value with TIQ's agile implementation process

Leading law firms use TIQ Time to automate time tracking

What our clients say

Our challenge was that we were switching our ERP system, which meant that we had to roll out TIQ Time to all users at once. On Friday our lawyers were working with the previous solution, and on Monday everybody started using TIQ Time. The transition was amazingly smooth and worked from day one.

Trine Melsether

Chief Digital Officer

We decided to explore the market to find a company that was 100% focused on time tracking and recording solutions. The funny thing was that we kept running into TIQ at various places around Europe. TIQ could provide a solution that supported our dynamic approach and was more intelligent than the old software.

Jacob Brønnum-Schou

Head of IT

The software is excellent, and the integrations with other systems work very fast and are stable. Working with TIQ was a very positive experience.

Fransesc Muñoz

Chief Information Officer

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