Tracking time in one minute a day, without forgetting billable hours.

TIQ helps lawyers with time tracking so that it can be done in one minute a day. It works complementary to current practice management systems without any complicated migrations.

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TIQ web application and mobile application
No more guesswork on Friday afternoons

Our award winning software makes time tracking easy by connecting to the tools you use to get your work done. TIQ automatically creates an overview of the time you have spent on separate documents, emails, meetings and other activities. Friday afternoons spent guesstimating what you did all week are history.

How TIQ works

Watch our short video to see how TIQ helps lawyers with tracking their time.

The benefits of TIQ
  • Easy start. You’ll be ready to go within 10 minutes.
  • Mobile. TIQ works everywhere, on every device.
  • Secure. Your data will be encrypted and stored on Dutch servers.
  • Service. Our team is ready to handle your issues and questions as fast as possible.
  • Integrations. TIQ easily connects to your agenda, e-mail, Office, and practice management system.
TIQ mobile application
What our users say..

"With TIQ, I (almost) enjoy tracking time. All your activities are summed up at the end of the day, all you have to do is check the overview. I would recommend it to every lawyer!"

Els Metten
Legal Manager at Rockstart

"TIQ is a great aid for tracking time, because I can quickly check that I haven't forgotten any billable activities. Recovering a few activities a week can mean a lot to your bottom line."

Jetse Sprey
Partner at Versteeg Wigman Sprey Advocaten
Infographic Case Management

Did you know 12% of all billable time is lost? In this infographic we present facts about time tracking, Alternative Fee Arrangements and budget management.

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