TIQ Time helps ARAG’s legal experts optimise time tracking

Blog post - 6 February 2019

In October, ARAG NL and TIQ have successfully set up an initial cooperation to improve time tracking for their legal experts. In this project, a team of legal experts have used TIQ Time to automatically keep track of their activities using TIQ Time’s capture functionality. The software has been described as an easy-to-use solution which provides the insights they need to improve reporting and forecasting. The project was documented in the video below:

Watch the video
Video in Dutch, English subtitles available

With the positive outcome of this initial project, TIQ Time and ARAG will continue their cooperation to help their 400+ legal experts get better insights, and spend less time on administrative tasks.

About ARAG
ARAG is the largest family-owned enterprise in the German insurance industry and has positioned itself as a versatile quality insurer. In addition to specializing in legal insurance, ARAG also offers its customers attractive, needs-based composite, health and retirement products and services from a single source in Germany. Active in 17 countries – including the US and Canada. The project was initiated by the ARAG Legal Tech Studio.

About TIQ
TIQ is a fast growing legal tech company located along Amsterdam’s canals. Their award-winning solution for automated time tracking helps legal professionals become more productive and get better insights in spent time. TIQ was founded in 2015. That same year, they were part of the prestigious Microsoft Ventures Accelerator programme. On this day TIQ works with over 40 firms located in five countries. Visit www.tiqtime.com for more information.