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TIQ in 3 steps


By connecting to the tools you use to get your work done, TIQ automatically captures all time spent on documents, email, meetings and more.


All captured activities will be matched to a specific client or project. The only thing you have to do to track your time is confirm the overview TIQ has made for you.


By sending all confirmed bookings to your practice management system for analysis and billing, TIQ acts supplementary to the administrative software you already use.

Timetracking simpler than ever before

TIQ turns tracking your time into an effortless experience: All you have to do is check the overview TIQ made for you and add uncaptured activities. This short video shows how the TIQ applications work.

TIQ on desktop, tablet and mobile
Works on all devices

TIQ wants to make it as easy as possible to generate insights in your time, anytime and anywhere. TIQ works on all devices, all you need is a working internet connection. With our native mobile apps and web application, you can track your time at any time, from anywhere.

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TIQ integrations

TIQ supports a large number of plug-and-play integrations with the tools you use to get your work done. These integrations allow TIQ to automatically capture the time you spend in these tools. By connecting with your practice management system, TIQ can automatically synchronize all captured time with the right client or matter in this system.

Are you missing an integration? No problem. TIQ also supports custom integrations through our API.

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TIQ matching algorithm

TIQ automatically matches captured activities to specific clients or matters based on distinguishing attributes such as the e-mail address of meeting attendees, a certain word in the subject line of an e-mail, the folder in which you save a document, et cetera. TIQ’s matching algorithm learns from your behavior and will form an understanding of the way you work.

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