Instantly deliver value with TIQ Time’s agile implementations

Blog post - 18 August 2019

The transition to modern tech solutions hinges on significant technical changes and altered organisational procedures. This is a source of concern for many firms looking to make a change. That’s why TIQ has developed an implementation program that won’t disrupt your existing processes around legal project management, reporting or billing.

Read on to learn about how our implementation process delivers value within days, while also significantly decreasing the downtime and frustration traditionally associated with technical migrations.

Step 1. Determine whether TIQ’s a (tech) fit
At TIQ, we want to be sure that our software will make your life easier. That’s why we comprehensively assess whether TIQ is a fit for your firm, from both a process and technical perspective.

After the introductory meetings and demonstrations (in which you’ll have the chance to see the functionality and interface of TIQ in action), we will suggest setting up an Insight Session with your key stakeholders. The Insight session is a 1 to 2-hour discussion wherein we’ll discuss your current pain points and problems. We will share our insights and discuss best practices with you. At this stage, it’s beneficial to involve stakeholders from the operations, finance and IT departments within your company.

Step 2. Agile implementation
TIQ’s approach to implementation addresses the three crucial components that determine the success of a tech transition:

One of the most important factors for a successful transition is one that’s also frequently overlooked: the people. We work with those who will be using the tech – the partners and fee earners – empowering them to help the transition go as smoothly as possible.

You can expect that our engagement during this period will result in the key players understanding the benefits and goals of integrating TIQ Time, as well as how to use it. Ultimately, this knowledge is how your firm will find value in our technology within days.

TIQ contemplates the day-to-day operations of law firms in its transition schedule and works to automate time tracking insofar as it is possible from day one. Our software works on any device (as long as it’s connected to the internet) and it operates in the background, so it won’t interrupt your work.

Moreover, other processes that are crucial to your firm’s operations, like pre-billing and reporting procedures, won’t be interrupted during the transition to TIQ Time. Our time tracking software integrates with your firm’s financial management system, resulting in up-to-date information being made available to all stakeholders while improving accuracy and efficiency.

Powerful Integration with your current financial management system
TIQ sets a new industry standard for intelligent time tracking, making time tracking a non-issue. It uses the information received from your firm’s current practice and document management systems, alongside Microsoft Office applications, to intuitively create proposed time entries.

The integration with your Practice Management System (or ERP) is set up to synchronise your users, matters, rights, activity codes and budgets with TIQ Time. TIQ’s timesheet will replace the existing time entry screen. However, the workflows that are dependant on your time tracking data (such as billing, pre-billing, reporting, etc.) will not be affected.

Because TIQ Time is set up as an extension of your Practice Management System, you don’t have to manage TIQ Time as a separate system. The changes you make in your available matters, rights and budgets are synchronised with TIQ Time. You will still manage this information using your current Practice Management System.

We have connectors available for the most popular Practice Management, Document Management and ERP systems. To make the implementation of these integrations go as smoothly as possible, we also work with technology and implementation partners in certain regions.

Step 3. Phased Rollout
Our phased rollout tests the functionality of our integrations before making sweeping firm-wide changes. It also gives us time to train key users who can act as champions for the software.

First, we will undertake a technical test confirming the integration of our software with your practice and document management systems, as well as the Microsoft Office integration. This will be followed by an initial user group working with TIQ Time in a production environment. Single sign-on integrations with Office 365 and Azure AD will be set up as well, so users can experience TIQ Time’s simple functionality.

Once the functionality and integrations have been technically validated, the first phase of the rollout will be undertaken with this initial group. These users will validate the functionality of TIQ’s software over two complete billing cycles (60 days). Both the firm and the users will benefit from TIQ’s time-saving, revenue-boosting functionality during this pilot phase.

Iikka Sainio, Counsel and Innovation Manager at Lexia, says: “The pilot phase of TIQ Time was implemented quickly without affecting our existing practice management system, which meant we were able to get a real hands-on experience of TIQ Time benefits.”

We work alongside operations managers, finance, IT and the fee-earners during the implementation period to ensure that their needs are addressed before our product is implemented firm-wide.

Our intelligent and responsive migration schedule means that your firm will be able to capitalise on the benefits of TIQ’s software without the heartache typically associated with a tech transition. Your firm will note increased accuracy in billing from the outset, with flow-on effects like an improved client and employee satisfaction following shortly. Get in touch today if you’d like to see what TIQ Time can do for you.