What is TIQ?

Why do we exist?

TIQ exists because we don’t believe in manual timesheets or timers. While insights in how you spend your time are very useful for billing and management purposes, technology has failed to provide us with a good way of acquiring those insights. Current ways of timetracking rely on manual input, which is slow, frustrating and inaccurate. TIQ was founded with the purpose of getting the timesheet up to speed with modern technology.

Connect and capture

TIQ embraces the software you already use. The tools you use to get your work done contain data that can tell us something about how you spend your time. By connecting to tools like your e-mail, agenda, Microsoft Office and Google applications, TIQ will proactively capture and organize your activities. Integrations with your ERP, CRM or other administrative systems are also possible. Using data from your connected administrative software combined with our algorithm, your activities will be matched to specific clients, projects or tasks.

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Mobile and web app

TIQ wants to make it as easy as possible to generate insights in your time, anytime and anywhere. With our web-based application and native iOS app, automated time tracking is now also mobile. After each workday, the TIQ application will show you an overview of captured and allocated activities on your iPhone or Web App. All you have to do is double check if TIQ got it right. You’ll be done in no time.

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So what?

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