Your team's time

More productive time

Current ways of tracking time are very time consuming. Besides your team having to fill out timesheets or operate timers, chances are that there’s somebody manually submitting the timesheets into your ERP, CRM or other administrative systems, too. Using TIQ, your employees will be able to book their hours much faster, leaving them with more productive time.

Accurate billable hours

Besides the time the application saves, TIQ will also reduce “leaked” billable time: time spent on a client that has not been recorded. Since all activities in the connected tools will be collected, TIQ is able to provide your team with very accurate data on how much time is spent on a specific client or project. This will reduce the lost billable time and will increase the accuracy of your client invoices.

Learn how your team spends time

Because of the accuracy of TIQ, you are able to analyze the way your team spends their time much better. Using the accurate insights on how your team spends time will help you improve planning and forecasting, manage projects better, and boost your team’s productivity. Because TIQ automatically pushes the generated data back to your own administrative software, you can use the analysis tools you’re already used to.

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